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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions and responses that we commonly receive at the funeral home. We will continue to include any new questions in this section that we feel would be helpful to others.

If you have a question that has not been covered in this site we would like to hear from you. You may use the "Ask the Director" section of our site to forward your question or comments to us.

If you would prefer to call us on the telephone, our staff would be pleased to provide an answer to any funeral related matter you may have. If we do not have the answer immediately, we will find it for you and contact you the minute the information is in our hands.

1. Don't Get Robbed of Your Dignity
2. We travel to the following locations...
3. What makes us different?
4. How long have we been in business?
5. Are there other funeral services available from us?
6. What about the economy caskets? Are they good?
7. Is this another bait and switch?
8. What does "not one penny more" mean?
9. How can you offer such low cost services?
10. "What if I want an upscale funeral, but I still want it at a bargain price?"
11. "What is the history of your internet business?"
12. "The Major Funeral Home & Chapel does business with customers nationwide and internationally."
13. "Why do you offer affordable funerals?"
14. "We regularly provide $995 cremation services with respect and dignity"
15. Additional costs are simple
16. What is a temporary urn?
17. Exactly what is embalming and why should I consider it?
18. If I want to be cremated, can I still have a visitation and a funeral?
19. Should children attend the visitation and the funeral?
20. How does the funeral home manage charitable donations?
21. Please tell me about the contract we sign.
22. What do you mean by "cash disbursements"?

Question #1Don't Get Robbed of Your Dignity
Answer:Death is a difficult subject and failure to discuss the inevitable does not prevent it from becoming reality.  The loss of a loved one is often difficult in itself.  Failure to financially plan for such a situation, adds an undue burden to those left to mourn.

Here at The Major Funeral Home & Chapel, we understand these unforeseen hardship and would like to assist with alleviating this unanticipated hardship.

Upon pre-planning consultation our families are presented with an array of options to suit their various needs.  The desire to be of assistance to families everywhere is our primary reason for venturing into this profession.  Therefore we encourage you to call us today to partake in one of our affordable funeral plans.  We ask that you allow us this opportunity to offer you peace of mind while preserve your dignity.

*Note: Please be advised that only emergency services are available after hours.  Routine business hours are Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Question #2We travel to the following locations...
Answer:For your convenience we currently offer various pick up and preparation options.  Upon your decision of where and when the memorial services will take place our team of professionals will transport your love one to the designated location.  We would also like to extend the use of our chapel or crematory for viewing and/or service as well as requested intrastate, interstate and international shipping.

Our Arlington chapel is centrally located and easily accessible to I 30 and Hwy 360, approximately 13 miles from DFW Airport.  For the conveniences of any and all out-of-town families and friends there are a variety of affordable accommodations within close proximity.

Question #3What makes us different?
Answer:Our mission is to provide quality and affordable funeral services. We would like to assure you that all services rendered, receives the exact same special care regardless of value.  Although we are regulated by the Texas Funeral Service Commission, it is our policy to maintain a higher memorial standard than required.  We also currently hold membership with the Texas Funeral Directors Association.

Question #4How long have we been in business?
Answer:The Major Funeral Home & Chapel was established by Major H. Williams Sr. in 1999, after changing the name from The McGowan Funeral Home.  The McGowan Funeral Home served the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolis for just over 30 years.  Mr. Major H. Williams is a licensed Funeral Director and a retired Army veteran who served 2 tours of duty in Vietnam.  In 2002 Major H. Williams Sr. opened his Arlington chapel across from Tinseltown Six Flags Mall.

Question #5Are there other funeral services available from us?
Answer:Yes. We currently have several packages in which to choose.  Nevertheless you always have the right to select from an array of products and services to assemble the provisions ideal for your family.  One of our support staff will present you with several options and will answer any and all questions you may have in deciding on the arrangements right for you.  During the decision process we understand that some items and/or services may not be feasible, therefore we can advise you on ways to attain your desired funeral service without the undesired cost.

Question #6What about the economy caskets? Are they good?
Answer:Yes they are. The economy caskets shown on this site are in the $700 and up range. Contact us and will will email you a photo or you can stop by to see what we offer. We are currently redesigning our site with an educational consultant so you can be more informed about caskets and other funeral services. Until then, we invite you to call, stop by, or email us so that we can show and inform you about our Affordable Funeral Package. Remember, by Texas law, we are required to maintain a certain number of caskets in our facilities for your convenience, you do not have to purchase a casket from us for us to perform funeral services for you. We can order any casket for you. How can we help you today?

Question #7Is this another bait and switch?
Answer:No switch and bait practice here. You can have a guilt-free affordable funeral. We must inform you of all your choices. Many casket warehouse type businesses are associated with funeral homes that they may or may not own, but they don't tell you that upfront. We are different. We want you to know that you can get an affordable funeral with no added costs "Not One Penny More."

We accept life and burial insurance as well as credit cards and cash for payment of services. Pictures of caskets and urns are on this site to make it easier to email casket and urn photos to relatives and loved ones. We believe email can help families, friends and loved ones communicate across the miles. We also believe that email is a way for individuals to make important decisions for themselves and others. We will respectfully discuss Life Insurance and Pre-need (prepaid burial) insurance.

Question #8What does "not one penny more" mean?
Answer:"Not one penny more" means that if we quote you a price on a package we provide the services listed without adding extra charges.
If price is a concern, it pays to compare.

Question #9How can you offer such low cost services?
Answer:Some businesses add charges like a "membership fee" to create an affordable cremation package.

Although we accept insurance and pre-need insurance, there is no need for a "pre-need" or pre-death discount because our prices are already discounted,  We know that the insured has made the sacrifice to keep their policies current so that their loved ones will not be financially burdened with funeral arrangements.  The typical insured person really does not want every penny of their insurance policy to go to a stranger at a funeral home.  You can create a beautiful memorial for your loved one on a shoestring budget. We know.  We've seen it done.  We, at The Major Funeral Home & Chapel, do our part. You have control over how you want to memorialize your loved one. We tried to find a delicate way to market our low-cost cremation packages, but we found consumers simply wanted the facts. So we are giving you the facts. Our Direct Cremation services provide families and loved ones responsible, affordable, guilt-free cremation services.

Question #10"What if I want an upscale funeral, but I still want it at a bargain price?"
Answer:Good question. We hear this one a lot. We keep our overhead low so we can focus on quality service with dignity. If you are not satisfied with our affordable package prices, you can create your own funeral package called "Design It My Way" by using the General Price List. Call now to find out more.

Question #11"What is the history of your internet business?"
Answer:You see, in the funeral industry the more expensive a place looks, the more you have to pay.  In the funeral industry, paying a higher price does not follow the "You get what you pay for philosophy." The funeral industry is different from any other business you will every have to deal with.  You expect to get one quality of car if you pay $500 and another quality of car if you pay $10,000 right? It does not work that way at our funeral home. Here is our story:

When our founder, Major Williams, Sr., entered into the funeral industry, he was shocked.  His experience was selling insurance which he had decades of experience.  He would sell a $10,000 insurance policy only to find that at death, the families he had served were ripped off by funeral home after funeral home.  The families would actually walk away owing the funeral homes money.  Can you believe it?  It is true. So, he began to sell higher amounts of insurance.  Can you guess what happened?  Sure enough, funeral homes took even bigger chunks of his clients' money.

Embalmers typically take great pride in their work.  What he found was that for most funeral homes, the remains of a $500 funeral were treated no different from a $50,000 funeral.  (Yes, we know we just gave a plug for other funeral homes, but this is an example of how we are different). We believe that information is power.  We are not promising to be the cheapest funeral home in the world, but we know that we are a leader in affordable funerals. You should feel empowered as a consumer.  Knowledge is power.  Our founder found as he traveled that embalmers are competitive, more competitive than you think. Due to the nature of their business, people are in awe of them, and yet are fearful of them.  Embalmers are in a high health-risk business.  Embalmers tend to be friendly people-- more than you would think.  They talk and like being able to tell about their professional life.  Our founder found that Embalmers, for the most part, care very much about their finished product. After the Embalmer has prepared the remains, the Funeral Director follows through for the final memorial.  Funeral Directors vary in attitude, but they tend to want a final memorial to be perfect. In an imperfect world, perfection is hard to achieve, but perfect is what Funeral Directors want to achieve.

For you, the consumer, this means that Embalmers want to do a good job, and Funeral Directors want you to have a wonderful memorial.  The owner of the funeral home generally sets the prices.  Let us tell you more about our owner and why we can offer affordable funerals and grand scale funerals with dignity.

When a local 30 year funeral home was about to close due to the illness and death of the owners who were childless, our founder stepped purchased the right to use the company name and location,  and made dramatic changes to the prices.  You see, the former owners had a policy of charging full price for the burial of infants. Mr. Williams disagreed with this policy.  He changed the entire  funeral pricing.  Much to the frustration of the staff hired by the previous owners, Mr. Williams demanded affordable funeral packages.

His next challenge was to reach the public with his affordable funeral packages and particularly affordable cremations. People could not understand how he could offer affordable funerals. They were used to extreme high prices for the simplest funeral arrangements. His solution was to reach the internet community and let the people decide.

Our founder was the first funeral home to actually market to the internet community.  He is from the "old school" of the computer industry, but embraced the new internet age when he realized the potential to reach customers worldwide. When he entered the funeral home industry, other funeral homes had websites first, but their websites were vanity sites that said "Hey look, we have a website!"

Mr. Williams recruited business with affordable funerals from day one of his website which began in 1999. Those who did not choose to do business with his funeral home were typically out of state. They were educated by his website and began to challenge funeral home prices in their local communities. Since that time, other websites have taken our lead and have begun to market directly to the internet community. Our founder has received calls from other funeral homes nationwide wondering how he does on the internet. Their goal is to make prettier websites than his.  So be it.  

Question #12"The Major Funeral Home & Chapel does business with customers nationwide and internationally."
Answer:  Our founder takes pride in being a leader, but what really matters to him is you, the consumer. You mattered to him in the beginning, and you matter to him now.

Mr. Williams learned the funeral business from the outside in. Then, he began the journey of  learning the business from the inside out.  Over the years, former clients began to return to offer their support to him to continue his affordable funeral packages which he has done. Sometimes, people want to do business with him, but because they don't see the fleet of limos and fancy buildings, they question if he can produce a large scale funeral. Well, he can.  You can take a package and do the work yourselves to create a wonderful memorial, or you can "Design It My Way" and pay by the items you need.  We can fax you our price list, which in the funeral industry is called a "General Price List."  All funeral homes are required to give you a general price list.  You may choose a package or design the funeral your way. Either way, we are happy to serve you.

First, you have to call us.  Over 600 people visit our website each month. The Major Funeral Home does business with customers nationwide and internationally.  

Most websites pay extra to be put at the top of the search engines. We don't.  Consumers like you have placed us at the top by choosing to visit our website.  Yes, we would love to do business with you from the small memorial to the grand memorial.

You are why we exist. We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Call now.

Question #13"Why do you offer affordable funerals?"
Answer:Many families have suffered financially and emotionally through the illness of a loved one. From the beginning, The Major Funeral Home& Chapel had a mission of affordable funerals. All funeral homes can offer you funerals that cost tens of thousands of dollars and expensive urns.

Our staff saw that many caregivers and guardians were financially exhausted at the time of funeral planning. We did not want to offer a one-time gimmick. We wanted to offer a dependable service. A decision was made. The $795 direct cremation was the result of consultations with our funeral directors, families and the ownership of the Major Funeral Home& Chapel. The Major Funeral Home & Chapel wants families and loved ones to know that they can have a $795 direct cremation and not pay a penny more.

Question #14"We regularly provide $995 cremation services with respect and dignity"
Answer:We are able to provide these low costs by not purchasing fleets of $200,000 limousines that sit and look pretty in the driveway. Who pays for those million dollar fleets of limousines? You the consumer. How could we provide quality affordable no-guilt cremations while saving you money? We decided to rent beautiful new limousines and hire experienced, licensed chauffeurs as we need them.

Question #15Additional costs are simple
Answer:Death certificates $21 for the first death certificate and $4 for each additional death certificate.

Urns, keepsakes and other memorial services are respectfully provided at an additional cost. The urns pictured above and other urns are available. All pictured urns are $195 plus shipping if shipped out of the Dallas metro area. The plastic "alternative urn" also known as a temporary urn is included with either package at no additional cost to you. Some funeral homes charge $75 for an "alternative urn."

Question #16What is a temporary urn?
Answer:We say, "Don't be fooled into paying extra for an "alternative" urn that is really a temporary urn which is free to the funeral home."

Really, the temporary urn is typically a nice looking plastic container that holds the remains.  We love beautiful urns and believe that urns are wonderful memorials for families and loved ones.  For this reason, we do not charge extra for temporary urns.  We believe that the money spent on a temporary urn would be better spent towards the purchase of a beautiful urn.  Sometimes families want to use other containers for remains or have other disbursal plans for the remains depending upon their culture and beliefs.  The temporary container is an adequate holder for remains including those who want to fly to other areas for memorial services.  The ashes, which may contain small pieces of bone, are not considered a health risk.

*Note: We make every effort to keep our urn photos current. When we find that a pictured urn has been discontinued by the manufacturer, we will place an order to have it removed from our website, and provide you with additional choices of beautiful urns at the $195 price. Contact us for more information about the beautiful urns we have in stock for $195.

Question #17Exactly what is embalming and why should I consider it?
Answer:Embalming is the complete disinfection, preservation and restoration of human remains. The embalming procedure replaces body fluids with preservative solutions and is performed respectfully by a licensed funeral director. Although not a legal requirement, embalming is routinely practiced to preserve the deceased and protect the health and safety of family and friends throughout the visitation and funeral period.

Question #18If I want to be cremated, can I still have a visitation and a funeral?
Answer:Cremation does not exclude either visitation or a funeral service. Often families choose to have cremation after visitation and a funeral service. When cremation takes place before the service, the ashes may be present for a memorial service. Ashes may be buried, entombed, scattered or kept by the family.

Question #19Should children attend the visitation and the funeral?
Answer:When a death occurs, family members are struggling with their own loss. They may feel uncomfortable and unprepared to cope with the needs of the children in the family. Unfortunately, many well-meaning adults decide that children should be shielded from death and funerals and do not include them in the funeral rites.

We know that if children are old enough to love, they are old enough to feel the pain of loss. Even young children notice that a family member is missing. They are aware that normal family routines have been disrupted and that the adults in their life are distracted and upset.

The "experts" urge us to:

   *  provide children with simple age appropriate information.
   *  offer children the opportunity to attend visitation and/or funeral.
   *  never force a child to attend who does not want to go.
   *  learn about how children grieve.

Once again, we encourage parents and caregivers to ask about our Children's Information Program. Many families report that our professionally prepared educational resources have provided sensitive, supportive, guidance when explaining death to their children.

Question #20How does the funeral home manage charitable donations?
Answer:Many families wish to designate an organization or church to receive donations in memory of their deceased loved-one. The Major Funeral Home & Chapel will provide a card with the charity's name and the donors' name(s) and address as a permanent record for the family. Most families find these cards are a great help with the preparation of thank you notes.

The donor is responsible for forwarding the donation directly to the charity in a pre-addressed envelope which we provide.

Question #21Please tell me about the contract we sign.
Answer:Our contract with you outlines the services and products to be supplied by the funeral home. The contract is accompanied by an invoice detailing the amounts charged for each service and product to be provided, as well as cash disbursement estimates.

Question #22What do you mean by "cash disbursements"?
Answer:For the convenience of the family, The Major Funeral Home & Chapel will act as an agent for those cash disbursements purchased from a third party. Cash advances include such items as newspaper notices, documentation fees, flowers, clergy/organist honorariums, cemetery and crematorium charges. On prearranged contracts, disbursements are shown as estimates only. The final billing to the family after the funeral will invoice only the exact fee charged by the third party for their service(s).